What benefit will I get?

Loyalty Card


Privileged benefit:

20 products exclusively prices for Member only.

(additional 10% discount on promoted prices).


Engagement benefit:

Accumulating 1% on your shopping receipt and using as cash money for the next shoppings.


Free registration and renewal (in case of loss):

Please bring your ID or Passport ( for foreigner) to register and receive your card in 2 minutes.

(*) Contact our customer service for more information.

How can I register?

Step 1

Come to the store
and bring your ID card or

Download form

Step 2

Contact the CS counter
to receive the form
(if you did not download it)

Step 3

Fill the form with
all information (or give
your filled form to CS counter)

Step 4

Receive and use immediately
your Auchan loyalty card

How does my Auchan card work?

  • The amount accumulated in your card will be deducted on your purchasing bill and this amount can not be changed to cash .
  • The amount accumulated in your card must be used until the end of February of next year .
  • Every year, after March 1st, our system will delete all amount accumulated on your card.
  • You can use your amount accumulated eveywhere in Auchan and anytime you want .
  • The amount and member information will be updated 24h after .
  • You have to show your Auchan card to the checkout cashier when you pay .
  • Your Auchan member card can be used to buy products and can be accumulated in any Auchan supermarkets .
  • If you have lost your Auchan card or it has been stolen, you will need to contact our Customer Service team at Auchan supermarket to get a new one .